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During the last decade, Mitch Schlimer, the Founder and CEO of the Let’s Talk Business Network has envisioned a place where the great entrepreneurs of our time would be recognized and celebrated. It is now Mitch’s passion to bring this vision into reality, therefore the Entrepreneurs Hall Of Fame and Museum’s birth is taking place right here on this web-site. It is clear that nothing great is built alone, therefore Mitch is currently working on finding the right location for the Entrepreneurs Hall Of Fame, plus continues to put together the right team in order for this dream to become reality.

We hope you find this virtual Hall Of Fame of value, and most importantly learn from the experiences of these great entrepreneurs.

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- If you want to get involved, or want to share who you think belongs in the Entrepreneur's Hall of Fame send an email to mitch@LTBN.com.


Mary Kay Ash

P.T. Barnum

Richard Branson

Warren Buffet

Andrew Carnegie

Fred Deluca

Thomas A. Edison

Debbi Fields

Henry Ford

Edwin Land

Bill Gates

Earl Graves

Bud Hadfield

Wilson Harrell

H. Wayne Huizenga

Edward Lowe

Anita Roddick

William Rosenberg

Ted Turner



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